Eavesdropping In: Hard Knocks For Marc Anthony, Award for Scarlett J., New Stuff For Chinatown

by SUSANNAH LONG · June 14, 2010

    Marc Anthony wasn't the first choice for Puerto Rican Day Parade King. Also, he had to ride in a little golf cart. And it rained. And everyone keeps asking how he managed to snare J.Lo. It's hard to be Marc Anthony. [Post]

    Scarlett Johanssen just won a Tony. Really, guys, really? [NYDN]

    Developers love Chinatown, and everyone's. freaking. out. [WSJ]

    Albert Trummer, pyro-boss of Apotheke, is in big trouble. [NYT]

    New Yorker covers Bonnaroo, mostly complains that "it's very hot here." [New Yorker]