Eavesdropping In: Hey NYC, What's Worse Than A Bedbug Problem? A Snake Problem.

by Chiara Atik · September 22, 2010

    This "snakes in a toilet" thing is so horrifying I don't even feel like writing a blurb about it. [WSJ]

    NYC slowly catching up to other public transit systems worldwide by finally adding video screens. Just on the 7, which nobody uses...[NY Times]

    The teen hacker behind yesterday's Twitter attack isn't suitably remorseful, but, whatever, not sure we would be, either. [NY Mag]

    Roman and Williams, famous for designing The Ace Hotel and the Standard (among other projects) unveils the new Cole Haan Soho Boutqiue. [Curbed]

    Still looking for a Halloween costume? How about Brad Gorseki's female twin? [The Frisky]