Eavesdropping In: Highest And Lowest Penthouses, Mozarella Recall, Sotheby's Amazing Auction

by SUSANNAH LONG · June 21, 2010

    NYU Abu Dhabi plays hard to get with students across the globe. [NYT]

    The highest and lowest priced apartments on the UES are both penthouses; you can pay 135 thou or 60 mil. [Post]

    Oh no: 70,000 blue balls (ha! We salute you for getting to that first, Daily News) of mozzarella recalled in Italy. [NYDN]

    Sotheby's is auctioning an amazing collection of photographs from the Polaroid Connection. FYI: they are not actually polaroids. [WSJ]

    The magic of product placement means that Mickey Mouse used to sell speed. No haha, this is real. [BoingBoing]