Eavesdropping In: Jeremy Lin Throws Up During Facebook Chat, The #CoachellaDiet

by Courtney McGowan · April 4, 2012

    - Jeremy Lin holds a chat from his hospital bed via Facebook, and throws up during Q & A. [Mashable]

    - Sundance's Queen of Versailles, aka the greatest documentary ever, is fittingly coming to Bravo. [THR]

    - College graduates of 2012 will have more job offers and bigger paychecks, with an average starting salary of $42k.  This does not make me bitter or jealous in any way.  [CNNMoney]

    -A Lana Del Rey and A$AP Rocky track titled "Ridin" was put on the web for about .2 seconds, before being pulled for "label reasons."  If anyone got their hands on it, I have a Nature Valley Oats & Honey Granola Bar with your name on it. [Pitchfork]

    -The Kardashians play ladies of the night in a "Lady Marmalade" parody.  Life imitates art imitates life. [HuffPost]

    - A writer at the Daily Mail wants you to know that it's like, really, really hard being beautiful.  She would know.  Because she is beautiful. [TheCut]

    - Are you like totez gettin s0 skinnie for the pilgrimage to Indio, a.k.a. #Coachella2k12? [HipsterRunoff]