Eavesdropping In: Jessica Simpson Will Be Pregnant Forever, Meow The 39 lb. Cat

by Courtney McGowan · April 24, 2012

    -Elegunce has a price, and it's $5.99.  Unfortunately, basic education is much, much more expensive. [CollegeHumor]

    -Did you know that Fredric Baur invented the Pringles can? Added bonus: when he passed away in 2008, his ashes were buried in one. [MentalFloss]

    -So, what you're basically telling me, is that this Journalism degree means NOTHING? [DailyBeast]

    -Meet Meow.  He's just shy of 40 lbs., currently up for adoption, and soon to be mine, by any means necessary. [LaughingSquid]

    -Some really cool MIT students hacked a building on campus and made it play Tetris.  Doesn't make sense? Yeah, just watch. [Mashable]

    -Jessica Simpson has now been pregnant for 75 months, and everyone still cares.  Where's Falcor, cause this is a Neverending Story, amirite? [CNN]

    -LG took their 3D Sound marketing literally, taking a new angle on famous movie posters. [Vulture]