Eavesdropping In: Joan Rivers Likes Tiaras, Cameron Diaz Likes Sappy Things, Poster Boy Hates Banksy

by SUSANNAH LONG · May 18, 2010

    What you don't know about your balcony could kill you. [NYT]

    Joan Rivers had a backstage rampage at the Miss USA pageant. And by "rampage," we mean she was wandering around in a tiara and exclaiming things. [Post]

    Cameron Diaz wants you (and A-Rod) to know that she's a marshmallow on the inside. [NYDN]

    Street artist war! Poster Boy scribbles all over Banksy's NY graffiti pieces. Poster Boy, you sound like an asshat. [Gothamist]

    Roosevelt Island's apartments had a pneumatic (!) tube (!) trash disposal system!!!!!!!! [WSJ]