Eavesdropping In: Kings Of Leon vs Glee, Michael Vick Lands Endorsement Deal

by Mara Siegler · January 27, 2011

    It's snowing in NYC! Put on your gloves and galoshes and have some fun. Here are the best places for sledding in the city. [Gothamist]

    Protect yourself on Facebook. Here's easy steps to prevent "any random jerk in the café from hijacking your account." [Gawker]

    The top 20 concerts in North America may surprise you. The Eagles rake in $1,182,275 per city while Bieber's comes in with $714,585. [HuffPo]

    Michael Vick lands his first endorsement deal since the dog-fighting scandal that landed him in jail. He'll be the new spokesperson for Unequal Technologies, a maker of sporting equipment. [Yahoo Sports]

    The American Kennel Club recognized three new breeds on Wednesday - including a pooch that has an extra toe on each paw. Not only does the dog have an extra digit, it can turn its head 180 degrees. [NYDN]

    After Kings of Leon turned down an offer to appear on Glee, creator Ryan Murphy accused their drummer Nathan Followill of homophobia. [NME]