Eavesdropping In: Kristen Stewart Does Kerouac, Shepard Fairey Fairs Poorly, Good Luck, Goodluck

by BILLY GRAY · May 7, 2010

    File this under Ugh: Kristen Stewart joins cast of On the Road movie. [Deadline]

    Shepard Fairey's Houston Street billboard declared illegal, giving artist street cred for first time in years. [NYP]

    Across Houston, Pulino's gets rid of sidewalk tables. [Grieve]

    Restaurant named after dead dog-loving villainheiress Leona Helmsley. Only the little people will pay sales tax. [NYT]

    Prepare yourself for a summer of false alarms in Times Square. [1010]

    Nigeria's new president is named Goodluck Jonathan. [NYT]