Eavesdropping In: Lindsay's New Lady, Katy Perry Has Tips For You, Unpatriotic Bear

by SUSANNAH LONG · July 6, 2010

    Bear hates fireworks. Bear spoils 4th of July. Things don't end well for bear. [WSJ]

    MTA wants to pimp the bus. MTA, there is no possible way you will succeed at this, because you have the Midas touch, but with crap instead of gold. [NYMag]

    Katy Perry made Russell Brand wait a few days for sex, and that solved all of their problems. [CNN]

    LiLo and an Israeli lady soldier named Eilat Anschel may be gettin' down. If this is true, we will high five you, Lindsay. [NYDN]

    Real estate gets sexier. Omg, how is that even possible? [NYT]

    Ha! Russian spy was wanted to seduce Princes William and Harry. Wow. [Post]