Eavesdropping In: M.I.A.'s Sanity Is AWOL, A Little Bit Of Park Avenue On Avenue D, Who Is Justin Bieber?

by BILLY GRAY · May 27, 2010

    Journalist writes unflattering piece about M.I.A. M.I.A. tweets writer's phone number. "Alt" blog asks: "Is M.I.A. losing her effing mind?" [AltReport]

    Is Avenue D the next luxury real estate magnet? [EVGrieve]

    Meanwhile, the tallest and most expensive building in NYC might go up on 57th Street. [Curbed]

    Might Andrew Cuomo be a New York governor who doesn't leave office in disgrace? [RunninScared]

    Some petite lesbian named Justina Bieber walked into a door or something. [CelebBuzz]

    Better living through chemistry: how to medicate this cruel, cruel world away. [Gawker]