Eavesdropping In: More Lesbian Experimentation In High School Than College, Robert DeNiro In Manhattan Supreme Court Today

by Mara Siegler · March 18, 2011

    Japan is considering burying its troubled nuclear plant in sand and concrete—the same move made in Chernobyl 25 years ago. [Reuters]

    Four elementary school children in Washington, DC, have been hospitalized after ingesting cocaine brought to class by a friend. [ABCNews]

    Experimenting with lesbianism in college isn't as prevalent as thought. In a new study from the CDC nearly 10% of degree-holding women ages 22 to 44 reported a same-sex experience, compared to 15% of those who didn’t finish high school. [NYT]

    The Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation has fallen behind in payments to support retired horses, leaving scores of the creatures malnourished, starving, or dead. [NYT]

    Robert De Niro will be the star witness -- literally -- in Manhattan Supreme Court today when he testifies against an art-gallery director accused of swiping two of his artist father's paintings. [NYP]