Eavesdropping In: Naked Woman At Airport, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, The Movie

by Courtney McGowan · April 13, 2012

    - Remember that time Vanessa Hudgens did molly at Coachella? [Popsugar]

    - Well, what do you know.  Everybody's favorite face, Ridiculously Photogenic Guy, is an intern at an indie alt label.  Alt swoon. [Buzzfeed]

    - J.K. Rowling's post Harry Potter book is going to be about war.  English war. [Gawker]

    - The Hunger Games is REAL, and a glimpse at the New World Order. Serially. [VC]

    - The Church of the Latter-Day Dude is an actual thing.  As in Dude Lebowski. Where do I sign? [MentalFloss]

    - Rihanna is in love with Alexander Skarsgard.  Get in line, RiRi. [Perez]

    - A woman at Denver International took the term strip search (zing) a little too far.  The woman got completely naked in the middle of a terminal, and proceeded to smoke her cigarette in a non-smoking area. [TMZ]

    - TGIF.  Sabrina the Teenage Witch may be making it to the big screen.  [HuffPost]