Eavesdropping In: New York Smells, New York Loves Oldsters, New York Really Truly Filled With Spies This Time, Honest

by SUSANNAH LONG · July 2, 2010

    Now you can "divorce with dignity." High fives for everyone. [NYDN]

    In case you missed it, Mel Gibson is not a horrible person. Instead, he is a super-horrible person. [Radar]

    Accused spy's sister dated diplomat's son. Convoluted! [Post]

    New York is disgusting. There's no escape. [WSJ]

    Also, NYC wants you to come here and get old. The WHO agrees. [NYT]

    Lindsay Lohan's birthday might be way sad, because "there's nothing you can do with a monitoring bracelet and no money." Troof. [TMZ]