Eavesdropping In: Nintendo Announces Wii 2, Olivia Munn Has Vegas Meltdown

by Mara Siegler · April 25, 2011

    Wikileaks has released some 700 new documents on Guantanamo that reveal detailed military assessments of hundreds of men who have been locked up there as well as information about interrogations, prison conditions and inmate behavior. [NYT]

    The 7 signs you should quit your job. [NYP]

    The New York Times ran a story on President Obama gracing the cover of Tiger Beat magazine for winning the "slumber party" vote. It was taken from The Onion. Whoops. [Gawker]

    Nintendo has created a Wii2, codenamed Project Cafe. It will be showcased at Los Angeles's E3 Expo in June. [IGN]

    Olivia Munn freaked out on a group of people in Vegas "yelling and swearing,"and telling them that she is rich. [Gatecrasher]