Eavesdropping In: NYC Bans Smoking Outside, Mona Lisa As Leonardo da Vinci's Gay Lover

by Mara Siegler · February 3, 2011

    Those TSA scanners could be on the way out. In Israel, mice are being trained to sniff out bombs and drugs, in a system researchers say will be more accurate than pat-downs, x-rays, or sniffer dogs. [Daily Mail]

    Was Mona Lisa Leonardo da Vinci's gay lover? An expert is arguing the painting was inspired by a beautiful boy apprentice who later became the artists lover. [Telegraph]

    Forget "Be Mine." A 12-year-old got a candy heart that said "NICE TITS." "I thought it was kinda shocking," said the little girl, "I was reading them and I brought it to my mom after I saw it." [Gawker]

    WTF, nanny state!!! The New York City Council voted to ban smoking in parks, beaches, and public plazas. Smokers, feel free to start a bitch session in the comments. I'll be joining.  [NYDN]

    Mayor Bloomberg might be going on Facebook. He met recently with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to discuss the possibility of creating a page for the city on the enormously popular social networking site. [NYP]

    The new facade of the New York Public library has been revealed. Here are some pics. [Gothamist]