Eavesdropping In: Panties To Protect Your Parts From TSA Scanners, NY's New Cool Kids

by Mara Siegler · November 22, 2010

    Baby, it's getting cold outside. Here's a list of bars to pick up that special someone to snuggle through the winter or just the night. [TONY]

    Traveling this Thanksgiving and not too excited about the TSA seeing your no-no parts? Here's some scan-proof underwear with metal powder fig leafs to keep your privates private. [Newser]

    NY cool kids: Profiles of 5 nightlife "Scenemakers." [NY Times]

    WikiLeaks has announced an important release on their Twitter account, claiming it’ll be 7 times bigger than the Iraq war logs. [Mashable]

    The top 50 trends from last week from hidden hobbit hotels to sexy barbershops to sperm-filled watches. (Yes, really.) [Trendhunter]

    Christina Aguilera: Fat or pregnant? [The Superficial]