Eavesdropping In: Pippa Middleton "Parties With Strippers", The Feeding Tube Diet

by Courtney McGowan · April 18, 2012

    - Good ol' Harvard just had their inaugural sex week, featuring events such as discussions about the Bible’s take on sex and asexuality, and even seminars on dirty talk. The goal was to provide "clarifying experiences" on sex. [DailyBeast]

    - This lady is obviously a sorcerer. [Buzzfeed]

    - The town of F--cking, Austria wants to change it's name.  They should just let the F--king residents vote. [HuffPost]

    - Finally, a book deserving of the Pulitizer Prize for Fiction. [Gawker]

    - Have you heard of the K.E. diet?  There is a new trend amongst soon-to-be brides in search of last minute weight loss.  Women are going so far as to receive nourishment solely from a nasogastric tube (from the nose to the stomach) for 10 days, in hopes of losing lbs, along with their sanity. [NYTimes]

    - Pippa Middleton was reportedly partying hard at a friend's birthday, complete with strippers, bondage costumes and little people, prior to that whole gun-pointing scandal. [Zap2It]