Eavesdropping In: Plants Growing In People's Lungs And Lady Gaga's BF Has 2 Girlfriends!

by CATHY LEVETT · August 11, 2010

    Massachusetts resident, Ron Sveden, has a "half-inch" pea plant growing in one of his lungs! [Gawker]

    A grandma was arrested in NJ for a house-sitting scam she started on Craigslist and is wanted in three other states! [Gothamist]

    Lady Gaga's current boyfriend has another girlfriend?! Yes, he is still seeing his former girlfriend. [Jezebel]

    All Alanis Morissette really wants... is a baby. She's pregnant! [People]

    Former "American Idol" winner Fantasia Barrino was hospitalized yesterday for a "medication overdose". [Daily News]