Eavesdropping In: Real Housewives Of New York Pushed Back Due To Lack Of Catfights, Tree Octopus Fools Children

by Mara Siegler · February 4, 2011

    A toilet company that took a chance on a spray-and-wipe system is flush with success. Some 30 million once-squeamish consumers have scooped up the Washlet, which delivers a crotch-washing spray for cleanliness. Do you have one? Want one? [WSJ]

    There was supposed to be a battle of the protests before yesterday's City Council hearing on whether New Yorkers should allow Walmart to come to town, but it was all one sided. No one wants the big box company. [Gothamist]

    Producers of "The Real Housewives of New York City" suddenly scrapped the new season premiere, because it lacked the explosive catfight-filled drama expected of the Bravo show.  Maybe they'll get together and mud wrestle for the season finale? [Page Six]

    Bernie Madoff was not a criminal mastermind who single-handedly made fools of the world's sophisticated investors. An explosive lawsuit charges he got help from his friendly bankers at Chase. [NYP]

    Researchers conducted a test to see if kids will believe anything online by directing them to pictures of a tree octopus. They believed it proving they trust the Internet too much. Conclusive evidence also shows those researchers are mean bullies. [Daily Mail]