Eavesdropping In: Ryan Gosling And Kate Winslet Are Great Samaritans, Krazy Kardashian Wedding Favors

by Christina Makoyawo · August 23, 2011

    Academy Award nominated actor, part-time musician, antiquing-aficionado and all around good Samaritan Ryan Gosling broke up a fight in the middle of the city. It happened yesterday late afternoon at St. Marks Place. [HuffPost]

    Another good Samaritan can be found in starlet Kate Winslet. The award winning actress saved the mother of Virgin Atlantic magnate Richard Branson from a gastly fire at Branson's luxury home on a private Caribbean island. [Telegraph]

    Apparently it's hard for January Jones to catch fans within her own cast. Jared Gilmore, who plays the young son of Jones' Betty and Don Draper, shared "Be careful around January. She's not as approachable as the others". [TVGuide]

    The Kardashian clan could probably teach a pretty successful marketing and business course. Following the lavish nuptials over the weekend, the married couple dished out wedding favors to their hundreds of guests. What kind of favors? A huge number of items branded with the family name. And logo. And business. [HuffPost]

    Jennifer Gardner is pregnant with her 3rd child with husband Ben Affleck. Congrats! [HuffPost]

    Just when Elliot Spitzer thought he was out in the clear and things would return to normal for him. The ex-governor just got slammed with a $90 million libel suit. Two former Marsh & McLennan execs, who claim Spitzer libeled them in a recent column for Slate entitled "They Still Don't Get It," seek $90 million in damages. [Reuters]