Eavesdropping In: Shopping Makes You Live Longer, Lost Dr. Seuss Books To Be Published

by Mara Siegler · April 8, 2011

    A battle over Planned Parenthood funding has emerged as one of the major sticking points in the stalled federal budget talks. [HuffPo]

    Facebook will unveil the details of its server design in an effort to improve server technology and efficiency throughout the industry.  [WSJ]

    Retail Therapy is true. Researchers have discovered that shopping might actually extend one's lifespan. [BBC]

    Never before seen Dr. Seuss books are going to be published! Random House plans to publish The Bippolo Seed and other Lost Stories this fall. [NPR]

    Out of the $1.5 billion in civilian aid the US is sending to Pakistan this year, $20 million is being used to enlist Elmo in the fight against Islamic extremism. Really.  USAid is funding a Pakistani remake of Sesame Street. [Guardian]