Eavesdropping In: Strauss-Kahn Resigns, Grease Star Jeff Conaway In Coma From OD

by Mara Siegler · May 19, 2011

    Barack Obama will give a major speech on the Mideast at 11:40am ET today. Here's what to expect. [Politico]

    Facebook’s “Like,” Twitter’s “Tweet," and other social widgets allow their creators to collect information about the websites people visit—even if the buttons are not actually clicked. [WSJ]

    Dominique Strauss-Kahn has stepped down as director of the International Monetary Fund. [NYT] Manhattan Madame Kristin Davis says he hired her hookers and was “aggressive … rough and angry." [Telegraph]

    "Intactivists" in San Francisco have succeeded in getting a proposal to ban the circumcision of males under 18 onto the November ballot. [AP]

    Grease star and former Celebrity Rehab patient Jeff Conaway is in critical condition in a California hospital after an apparent drug overdose. [E!]

    Researchers are uncovering evidence that Viagra could make you deaf.