Eavesdropping In: Study Proves Men Need Cuddling More Than Their Girlfriends, The Worst Reality Show Idea Ever

by Mara Siegler · July 7, 2011

    President Obama is pressing congressional leaders to accept an ambitious plan to slash $4 trillion from Social Security over the next decade. [WaPo]

    A new study shows that guys need cuddling more than their girlfriends. [MSNBC]

    New York City’s clerk will extend office hours to handle an expected flood of couples the week beginning July 24, when New York’s law allowing same-sex marriages takes effect. [Bloomberg]

    Mozart died of an unknown illness in 1791 at age 35 and researchers now think he may have just needed to get out in the sunlight more. [LiveScience]

    Worst show idea ever? Heidi Montag, Ashley Dupre, former Real Housewife Danielle Staub, Vincent Pastore, and Three 6 Mafia will compete on a reality show called Famous Food to open a restaurant. [Gawker]