Eavesdropping In: Taylor Momsen's A Material Girl, Designer Ice Cream Trucks

by CHLOE POST · July 14, 2010

    Taylor Momsen is the face of Madonna & Lourdes' Fashion line. Anything to get her out of those stripper clothes! [Jezebel]

    The internet is, like, so over. Prince declared it first and it seems others are following suit. [NYT]

    Celebrities fighting for pointless causes. A look back through the years of misguided causes headed by celebutards. [Cracked]

    Never take candy and cookies from a stranger.. Unless its designer. Coach brand advertises their new younger line Poppy through ice cream trucks! [Racked]

    Another excuse to travel and drive cross-country.. Bon Appetit named the top 10 best new cocktail bars. [BonApp]