Eavesdropping In: The East Village Is Literally Blowing Up Right Now, Solange Knowles Laughs At Herself Even If She Doesn't Get Joke, NYC To England: Eat Me

by BILLY GRAY · May 13, 2010

    14th Street is so hot it's radioactive. [Grieve]

    Solange Knowles discovers, loves website that gleefully mocks Solange Knowles. [SoundoftheCity]

    Dual Marilyn Monroe movies duke it out at Cannes. [Deadline]

    McDonald's tells England what New York is all about, in hamburger form. [Metropolis]

    Michael Musto gives Will Forte the stylish gay stamp of approval. [DailyMusto]

    Economists say NYC is the next Greece. Diner owners rejoice. [CityRoom]