Eavesdropping In: The Four Seasons First Legal Gay Wedding, Ben & Jerry's Bacon & Eggs Ice Cream

by Mara Siegler · June 28, 2011

    An asteroid roughly the size of a bus passed within 7,500 miles of Earth yesterday. That's closer than many satellites. [CSM]

    Charlie Sheen lost a goddess but picked up a TV deal. He has signed with Lionsgate Television to star in a new sitcom. [Radar]

    Former Intrepid Museum president Bill White and his man Bryan Eure were married in the Maldives six years ago, but will hold the first legal gay wedding ever at the Four Seasons. [P6]

    BET executive Stephen Hill is taking full responsibility for the snafu that overshadowed much of the BET Awards on Sunday, as Tiffany Greene announced Chris Brown as the winner of the Coca Cola Award, then corrected herself and said Rihanna won. [LAT]

    Ben & Jerry's comes out with new Parks and Recreation ice cream flavor called "Ron Swanson's All of the Bacon & Eggs You Have." [PH]