Eavesdropping In: What Governor's Island Probably Won't Look Like, Neo-Bathhouses The Next Neo-Speakeasies, Twitter Might Make Money

by BILLY GRAY · April 13, 2010

    Governor's Island renderings give off a distinct J. Peterman catalog vibe. [Curbed]

    Frisky bathhouses ready for their comeback. [Grub]

    Fans ignore James Murphy's plea and leak LCD Soundsystem's latest. Luckily, everyone loves it. [Vulture]

    Jesse Spano is writing an advice book. I'm so excited! [AP]

    Park Slope named best neighborhood in New York, smug residents now even more insufferable. [NYMag]

    Sigourney Weaver proves fallible, says James Cameron lost Oscar because he "didn't have breasts." [NYP]

    Twitter now includes ads. Demi Moore organizes protest march on Washington. [DailyIntel]

    The Situation gives Tenjune rare triple fist pump of approval. [BlackBook]