Eavesdropping In: White House Says Jobs Won't Be Back Until 2017, Gene Simmons To Marry

by Mara Siegler · September 2, 2011

    The White House budget office released its midyear economic forecast yesterday, and is predicting that unemployment will remain at 9% next year, and won’t return to the more comfortable 5% range until 2017. [NYT]

    Kiss star Gene Simmons will finally marry Sharon Tweed.  [P6]

    UN peacekeepers routinely pressured underage girls for sex in exchange for food and shelter in the Ivory Coast, according to explosive new information uncovered in a US Embassy cable released by WikiLeaks. [AP]

    One of the backup dancers in Rebecca Black's "Friday" is attempting to also reach Internet fame/embarrassment. [Gawker]

    A kid in Williamsburg is putting dirt in a test tube and selling it as art from Brooklyn for $24. [Gothamist]