Eavesdropping In: You Can't Afford Water, Scottish People Piss Off The Cops, Liz Taylor Robs Cradle Holding 49-Year Old Man

by BILLY GRAY · April 9, 2010

    Even water is getting pricey in New York City. [CityRoom]

    Scotland-the poor man's Ireland-gets a Tartan Day parade. [NYT]

    Elizabeth Taylor: World's Oldest Cougar. [Gawker]

    It just got harder to adopt white babies. Angelina Jolie shrugs. [DailyIntel]

    Wussy British postmen are scared of cats. Heroic American postmen continue to do battle with ferocious dogs. [1010]

    Tiger Woods boosts Masters ratings by 50%. And that's just from the mistresses who tuned in. [AP]