Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...

by LIZ ADAMS · February 19, 2009

    "NOTE to New York money manager Kipton Cronkite, who claims he's related to CBS News legend Walter Cronkite: Your game's over." So read's today's Page Six headline.  Oh come on, it's not the first time someone's gotten ahead in this world by faking their lineage! [Post]

    WTF was the Post thinking? The Cartoon that has the entire world talking.  Murdoch can forget scoring an interview with Obama....EVER. [NYT]

    The Housewives of NY take on the Hamptons. Though they obviously can't stand the place, but the were semi "forced" to go to bff Devorah Rose's "classy" Social Life House party...if I had a nickel for the times I heard that last summer...[Gawker]

    Vivienne Tam show inspires rock concert behavior: "Stampedes of girls in heels and  photographers tripping over each other to get to the models...and twitter station" [Racked]

    You know things are pretty bad when Harvard is cutting back on it's spending. Plans for their new Allston Science Project are on hold: "In unprecedented drop in our endowment and pressure on every other source of income have forced a careful review of all of our capital planning projects." [Harvard.edu]