Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...

by CHRISTOPHER CONFESSORE · February 20, 2009

    We are really hoping that Governor's Island is able to reopen for the Spring and Summer, cause in this economy, we are all for the "staycation" its acres of green offer. [Curbed]

    Wow, the NYU kids really mean it.  As of 8:30, the protesters were still there, having survived actual violence, inside and mostly outside the occupied building. [Gothamist]

    That cartoon that has provided so much fodder at our dinner conversations is still getting press. Alas the Post caved in to (some) of their protesters.  [NYPost]

    So here's a (maybe fake) opening for those of you who still want to join the dying media elite, a perfect blend of lofty expectations and negligible pay. (no, it's not actually working for Gawker, though similar) [Gawker]

    Hayden-Harnett brings back Gatsby at the Chelsea Hotel last night. "The quirky clothes, shoes and accessories were strewn about the candle-lit room, with models looking like bored girlfriends who got dressed for a night out on the town, but then decided to stay in and eat junk food instead." [Racked]