Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...

by DASHA BRIL · February 25, 2009

    Hey unemployed English majors--your liberal arts education DOES have worth!"The study of the humanities evolved during the 20th century “to focus almost entirely on personal intellectual development. But what we haven’t paid a lot of attention to is how students can put those abilities effectively to use in the world." I'm intrigued... [NYTimes]

    Bobby Jindal is 30 Rock's Kenneth the Page. Everyone's new favorite meme is making the rounds: [HuffPo]

    First it was the iconic Limelight, then the cringe-worthy Avalon, and now... unknown? Landlords of the old church-cum-nightclub on 6th Avenue don't know what to do with the notable venue [NYObserver]

    New Yorkers will soon be mindful of their A, B, C's when eating out: NYC restaurants are going to be subjected to a new letter grading system come July 2010, as has been the norm in LA for years [NYTimes]

    Oh boy. Father of the Year Kevin Federline is coming out with a line of children's apparel. Because no child should be without dirty wifebeaters and trucker hats? [StyleFile]