Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...

by Rachelle Hruska · February 26, 2009

    Two trends (commodity prices, and travel cutbacks) show the way to sugar as a good investment; specifically, chocolate bars.  Not worse advice than any other right now, eh?  [Clusterstock]

    "Cool New Thing." So says Lockhart Steele about this map that conveniently aggregates all Curbed, Eater, and Racked posts into one. We looked, it was cool. Huh. [Curbed]

    TV is saved! Jerry Seinfeld is coming back with a TV series, and bowing to trends, it's a reality show with celebrity judges/coaches! [Zimbio]

    "Pebble Beach meets the Biosphere meets Rikers." At least that's what the Mosholu Golf Course, set to open atop a Bronx water plant is hoping for.  It will be one of the largest and most intensive green roofs to date in 2012. [Gothamist]

    Just in time: NY Mag's "Best of New York" needs your help in reminding us to why we're thankful to be living here, even in the middle of this recession. Go add your favorite thing about your city now! [NY Mag]