Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...

by Rachelle Hruska · March 2, 2009

    All eyes are on Twitter. The site has taken over the Huffington Post today, Skittles has changed it's homepage to one giant live streaming Twitter, new news that the company turned down a Facebook sale, and they may have just found their way to make money through AdAge.  @RachelleHruska is pleased [AdAge]

    In a move described by the MET (Metropolitan Opera) board as "a decision of last resort," the company is forced to borrow against the giant Chagalls in their lobby to "deal with a cash-flow situation." [Intel]

    NY Mag's "Best of NY" hit stands today and guess who made the list for "Do it in the Daytime" best Bacchanal?  You know the answer...[NY  Mag]

    In case you missed the memo: It's snowing out there. A lot. Does this mean snow day for Stanley? [NY Times]

    The election killed a lot of people's personal life.  For Meghan McCain, it seemed to have had an adverse affect on her dating life. Meghan shares her adventures on "Looking for Mr. Far Right" for the Beast [The Daily Beast]