Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...


    Let's all lay off Jimmy Fallon for the next 48 hours okay? Late night talk shows can be brutal, and everyone deserves a second chance. It's too soon to write off Late Night [The Daily Beast]

    I know the residential sales market is getting tough, but this is an amenity I've never seen offered before - a "FREE WIFE" - desperate times, eh?  [NYT, via Curbed]

    Food truck news!  One of the originals, the Waffles and Dinges, is falling apart. The truck only, we hope, cause we need us our Belgian goodness with nutella schmear [Eater]

    Okay, this is where lawyers lose me.  How do you argue with a straight face that Ruth Madoff's millions are "unrelated" to Bernie's fraud?  What, her cookbook sold that well? [NYP]

    Hollywould comes to Target again.  Jaye Hersh will be launching an Intuition line in July, this time available in all of the retailer's stores  [WWD]