Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...


    Two of GofG's favorite people, Lydia and Gillian Hearst, are headed off to Egypt to work with Operation Smile [Observer]

    Some opportunities in the coming weeks for some great food for great causes, including "chicken soup" at Danny Meyer's restaurants, the Tap Project, and Time Out for Hunger [Grub Street]

    I would think having my landlord cleaning up my apartment and folding my clothes would be a perk, but for one young lady, it's a $10 million lawsuit [NYP]

    The Earth saga has seemingly come to an end. Josh and Noah have signed the papers for the space on 10th Avenue [DBTH]

    "A lightning strike... and lunch with Ludacris" is just part of another day for Martha Stewart. They had paella! [Martha Blog]