Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...


    Bernie Madoff's finally pleading guilty, but there are a lot more people very close to BIG trouble - Ruth, his brother, his sons, Walter Noel, and the other "money feeders" [DailyBeast]

    Sure, it's a beautiful renovation, but who's the PR genius who thought to focus an article on this kind of government spending? [NYT]

    I guess even true love can't survive in such a harsh economic climate? Bristol Palin and the hockey player have called off their engagement [Radaronline]

    Okay, this guys has big brass ones.  His house is broken into, and he Twitters the experience, then posts a video stream of the incident [SiliconAlleyInsider]

    Despite setbacks and TOS hiccups, Facebook marches on, with the full Hebrew and Arabic translation officially available [Huffpost]