Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...


    People got started early for St. Patrick's Day.  Here's the pre-work crowd at McSorley's this morning, getting their lights and darks before heading to work, or the just the next round [Eater]

    An embarrasment of riches, sort of.  So many newly jobless volunteers are showing up at nonprofits across the country, they are being turned away [NYT]

    The CDFA has announced its 2009 Fashion Award nominees, with both new and familiar names [Racked]

    Bernie Madoff victims getting a break on their meals (if they are evn going out at all yet) from local restaurateur Nino [Cityfile]

    The economy can't be that bad, if people are really willing to shell out for lamb hot dogs, and a good honest Nathan's isn't good enough [Observer]