Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...


    If every proposal for new dining opportunities in Central Park is as impressive as this one from Dovetail, it's going to make for a great summer! [Eater]

    With thoughts turning to spring, summer, and gasp! bikini season, make sure getting thinner doesn't equal getting dumber [HuffPost]

    Look! "Old media" person trying to understand the "internets" and South by Southwest. He is so silly because he doesn't get the point of Foursquare! [Gawker]

    Slowly but surely, we are getting a green ring around Manhattan (the good kind, with parks and esplanades) [Gothamist]

    If you think Park Avenue Winter might be attracting too many Gossip Girl pervs, wait till you see Blake and Leighton, as photographed by the ever classy Terry Richardson! [Egotastic]