Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...

by CAROLINA FRANCESCA · March 19, 2009

    Unemployed? If you like restaurants, cheer up! Even in this economy, many top restaurants are on the lookout for new employees...hopefully it's a sign of new jobs (in all industries) to come [Eater]

    Bidding for the Tavern On The Green has started, kind of, with informative meetings. Check out what big names may win the new contract in July. No rush, you have till the 1st of May to outbid them. [NYObserver]

    Getting ready and PUMPED for summer? Be warned of waxing in New Jersey. The so-called 'Garden State' has gotten a rep for being...uhh...not-so-clean shall we say? So much so that the NJ law considers saying bye-bye to the Brazilian. [Gothamist]

    Speaking of Summer, there are plenty of sidewalk cafes that have already started taking to the street with outdoor seating options. Maurer put together a cute list! [Grub Street]

    Gramercy Park Hotel partners up with ASW proving it's tough times for even the top notch hotels in this country.  Ian Schrager is continuing to focus on the first batch of Edition Hotels in pioneer locations [DBTH]