Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...


    Technology Marches On... we've had breakups from oversharing on blogs, Facebook, and now the rollercoaster Mayeriston relationship fails because of Twitter [Telegraph]

    Choire, a shining beacon for all aspiring bloggers, finally gets around to writing a book (given some of the weak blog to book deals we've seen, I'd say it's about time we get one I actually want to read) [Observer]

    David Letterman, last of the red-hot bachelors, finally gets hitched (does this make his slavering over various actresses more or less awkward?) [USMag]

    You can pretend to be Sully Sullenberger (at least for a few minutes), all while sitting on the bus or the subway, on your iPhone [NYMag]

    Heather Mills (remember her?) will be paid a pretty penny to be the face for Burger King's new vegetarian offering.  [ThePeople]