Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...


    An interesting twist in food blogging - Ben Leventhal, of Eater, then Eater LA, is back in NY, but for rival Grub Street. Sadly, no food fight looms. [Eater]

    First you lose your money assets to Bernie, then you find out the art assets Larry is holding you were going to sell off don't even exist. Tough times to be rich, amirite? [NYPost]

    The star diet-pushers (Gwyneth, P-Diddy, etc.) aren't dumb.  There's a history of economic downturn turning Americans into health nuts [NYMag]

    Mighty Google has finally succumbed to the bad times, will lay off 200 employees, the biggest chunk seemingly right here in New York [Gawker]

    This Swedish meatball story doesn't even touch some of the really nasty or costly divorces over the years - and so, a slideshow to remind you [Daily Beast]