Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...


    Paris Hilton just can't stand all of the attention her friends are getting. What with their babies and breakups all over the tabloids, the heiress has decided she needs more attention. So she's GETTING MARRIED. Yikes. Doug Reinhardt. Really? [E Online]

    Maybe this just isn't the time to launch a new 900 bucks a month gym,  Tracy Anderson. Even if you are endorsed by everyone's new favorite health and fitness expert, Gwyneth [Observer]

    Someone's getting a frosty look over dinner tonight.  Johannes Huebl can dress himself thank you, as Olivia Palermo's fashion expertise is "women's only" [Cityfile]

    Special to commenter Fifth Ave, you have another few months of ladies who lunch, as La Goulue will now close in June. [NYT]

    The Obamas are set to visit Martha's Vineyard for their summer vacation this year. Secret Service agents have been spotted casing the place for the rumored late-August two-week getaway. [WWD]