Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...


    Which of these thumping Monday dance parties are you just waking up from now? None? Well, use this handy list to do better next week [BlackBook]

    Julia Allison goes home (Chicago, if you don't remember) for the holidays, gives sadfaced Bears QB Jay Cutler a lapdance, because he liked her headband [Twitter, and NYP]

    Many of you were new to New York once, relive the feeling through these stories of other transplants [NYMag]

    It's Spring, so your thoughts turn to flowers, maybe poppies, then you say to yourself "How can I tell all the British girls named Poppy in New York apart?" [Observer]

    Definitely a way to "sweeten" a lease in these uncertain times - keeping on your landlord's good side with cupcakes [WCBS via Curbed]