Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...


    Aha! A new, kinda dive bar is opening in the Meatpacking, and of course, no one can just wait till it's ready, we need to see it now! [Eater]

    This subway map of NYC laid out over male anatomy is surprisingly accurate - we all knew the biggest concentration of dickheads really is in the FiDi [IllustrationArt via Curbed]

    It's a little safer on "Casual Encounters" again, as they've picked up a suspect in the Craigslist personals ad crime spree [CNN]

    Of COURSE they want to make a movie about the Madoff scandal, and here's some casting suggestions [DailyBeast]

    Based on Saturday, and despite the last two days, it is Spring, and spring cleaning isn't just for your closets, you can work on the people around you too [Huffpost]