Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...


    We can confirm this report, that the The Eldridge's Matt Levine will be revamping the Thor space at the Hotel on Rivington, "in a matter of weeks" [Eater]

    Marc Jacobs. Madonna. Courtney Love.  All at the same table at the Met Ball.  Oh to be the fly on the wall [NYMag]

    Everybody else is getting one, why not a "bailout" for fashion? Check out the multi-brand Refinery29 pop-up shop at the PA [NYT]

    How thin are ad budgets for print media these days?  Thin enough that Elizabeth Arden is proposing an ad sales "Fight Club" [Gawker]

    An olive branch from Sam Ronson to Lindsay via Facebook relationship status update? Though "It's Complicated" seems a bit of an understatement [US]