Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...


    It's May Day! Time for our Continental pals to do their protesting thing, but it wouldn't be surprising to see it happen this side of the pond this year! [BBC]

    Britney is kind of a Twitter stalker, according to some leaked admin docs on a German website [TheAwl]

    The dress-for-less (much less) economy continues to claim big victims, as stalwart Bendel's plans a big retrenchment on Fifth Avenue [NYT]

    If the GoogleMaps swine flu (sorry influenza A(H1N1) tracking page wasn't convenient enough for you, try the iPhone app [Gizmodo]

    First they came for the pit bulls, and I said nothing.  But now, they're going after the Boston Terriers? C'mon NYCHA, look at that punim! [TheVillager]