Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...


    Combine a nude Lydia Hearst and Terry Richardson, a bearskin, and a wooden indian, and you get... well. the magazine isn't called "Self Service" for nothing [SBTVC via Gawker]

    For the first time, Vanity Fair is letting us little people in on the fun of nominating for their International Best Dressed List- vote early and often! [VF]

    MPD has almost run out of new space, but maybe West 9th Street will have room for a new restaurant, with ties to the new (Freeman's) and the old (Mae West) [NYPost]

    Tomorrow, run to the Met and check out the newly renovated American Wing - here are some pics and video to whet your appetite [Gothamist]

    Of course, on this the first beautiful spring/summer day in a while, your thoughts and mine certainly turn to.. fall fashion? [NYMag]