Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...

by Rachelle Hruska · May 12, 2009

    Our favorite international man of mystery on the world wide web, The Cajun Boy, is moonlighting on Gawker's night shift all week.  If anyone can hold down that fort, it's this guy. [Gawker]

    Designer Donatella Versace has caught the bloggers bug. Does her first post ever for Huffington Post on the White House Dinner this weekend. [Huff Po]

    Believe it our not, there are new restaurants opening in NYC this week. More importantly, a favorite mainstay, the Gowanus Yacht Club reopen's and owner Justin Olsen sits down to talk about it. [Metromix]

    The Real Housewives of NYC rang the NYSE Bell yesterday morning. Apparently they thought that these women would be the ones that could inspire confidence in our markets. God help us. [NYSE]

    Bravo's new series "The Fashion Show" this Thrusday will apparantly give contestants the task of putting together an outfit for "the Tins" on a budget of only $40. In other news, I owe friend Keith Lissner a drink. [Cityfile]