Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...


    Some suggestions for Jack McCullough, instead of a straight cash money deal with Kiefer, parlay it into something more... hilarious [TheAwl]

    Providing many a blogger with an excuse to break out the "catfight!" tag, the new women's blog from Slate, DoubleX, comes out with a swing at women's blog Jezebel [NYM]

    In a rather rich irony, Richard Johnson is complaining about how the the internet news cycle doesn't credit sources as well as newspapers [Mediabistro]

    The decades-long Grant Study of Harvard Undergrads (including JFK) shows it's still hard to figure out who will really be "happy" [TheAtlantic]

    Tonight, The Fashion Show features a task outfitting the Tinz on a budget.  Let's see how Keith does! [Cityfile]